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Hemp Wick Products

We are proud to carry Bee Line's Hemp Wick products. Beeline is a natural, organic alternative to butane lighters and matches. Their hemp wick is the only Certified Organic Hemp Wick on the market and every inch of their hemp is harvested by hand in the rolling hills of Eastern Europe before being bathed in fresh beeswax collected at a neighboring sustainable farm. But lets be honest, the best part about Bee Line is the taste. The perfect sweet aroma and clean burn make it the best hemp wick money can buy. Try it and you will find out why it's called the connoisseurs choice!

We are also proud to carry Hemplights Wrapper and Spooly products. These awesome products is a great and cool way to carry and use your Hemp Wick. You will be amazed at the overall compact size, safety and easy use of their products.