Here is our list of the best desktop vaporizers of 2018. If you don’t have a tabletop vape at home, these powerful plug-in devices deliver exceptionally pure, potent vapor. For on-the-go options, see our Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2018.

Dr Dabber Switch - $399.99


    • Herb and Wax Compatible
    • Ceramic Induction Cups
    • 150 Uses per Full Charge
    • 25 Heat Settings
    • One Hour Hcarging
    • 4 Second Heating
    • Borosilicate Glass Bubbler


Dr Dabber Switch is an enail and a desktop herb vaporizer in a single device. Compatible with wax and oil, this all-in-one powerhouse delivers incredible vapor in seconds. With 25 heat settings, you can pick the temperature that fits your vaping style. Within seconds, you'll experience sharp, complex flavor notes, head-changing potency, and dense, comfortable inhales. Switch it up between herb and wax seamlessly. Switch can handle both just as well as the other. 

Whether you want to dab or vape herb, Dr Dabber Switch generates smooth, potent hits with a borosilicate glass bubbler. Dr Dabber uses a very solid, finely crafted borosilicate with a clean and clear look and comfortable feel. As your hit passes through the water filtration system, it's purified of particles, cooled down, and moisturized so you can take a long hit with no harshness, and heat resistant, so it doesn't overheat or alter the flavor of your vapor. 

The heating chamber is another interesting feature to the Dr. Dabber Switch. Its ceramic induction cups extract amazing flavor from wax and herb. You get two induction cups, a white and black ceramic. The black ceramic has more pores to efficiently melt wax in the ceramic, which generates a stronger flavor. All in all the Dr Dabber Switch is the best desktop vaporizer for enjoying wax and herb. 

Vapir Rise - $249.99

Rises to the occasion with multi-user functionality for up to four friends.


  • Multi-User Adapter
  • Dual Function – Balloon Bag or Whip Tube
  • Multiple Fan Settings Including No-Fan Mode
  • Touch Pad Controls
  • Precision Temperature (Up to 420F)
  • Fast Heating

Most high quality desktop vaporizers allow for one user at a time. Vapir Rise lets up to four people vape at once, which says something about the thought that went into the design.

The Rise was crafted for convenience, offering a complete vaping experience that works for a variety of users. It’s one of the better options for an affordable tabletop unit.

While units like the Plenty offer better vapor quality, the Vapir Rise has more customizability.

The versatility here is impressive. You can use the Rise with both herb or essential oils, choose between forced or non-fan functionality, switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, or balloon and whip consumption.

You can adjust fan speed for lower or higher draw resistance. And you have precision temperature. That’s quite a lot of options for a desktop vaporizer under $300.

(Up to four people can take a hit at the same time.)

There have been a few upgrades since the last version. Previously anytime the heater was on the fan would be on. But with the 2.0 version, you can turn the fan off and take hits without forced air if you prefer higher draw resistance.

Vapir Rise is easy to use. The touch pad controls feel great to push, a little like playing Xbox. You can toggle to a precise temperature, after which the unit will rise to the occasion in under a minute. The vapor quality is a little above average—not bad for its price range.

If you want the kind of functionality you’d expect from a higher end desktop vaporizer, but at a lower price with a slight decrease in vapor quality, this is a great option.

What you get is a more affordable alternative to the Volcano vaporizer. Not the best desktop vape in the universe, but certainly one of the greatest in the world of affordable tabletop units. 

Volcano Classic - $479.00

Still the best.


  • Precision Temperature (266F–446F)
  • Rotary Dial for Controlling Temperature
  • Balloon Bag System w/Included Easy Valve Starter Kit
  • High Quality Engineering
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Extremely High Vapor Quality

Volcano by Storz & Bickel has remained relevant for decades by doing the essential well. The product of German engineering, Volcano Classic has arguably the best build quality in the industry.

Volcano can go years without repair (and is protected by a 3-year warranty). That lasting power makes it one of the best desktop vaporizers--definitely worth the investment.

But what really makes the Volcano one of the best desktop vaporizers is its powerful vapor production. An analog dial knob lets you choose a precise temperature between 266F and 446F.

Once a temperature is set, the Volcano heats in 180 seconds. A food-safe heating element, partly made of ceramic, produces high fidelity vapor.

The Volcano uses balloon bags, which allow you to literally carry vapor with you, untethered to the device. Storz & Bickel’s easy-valve starter kit enables you to plug the balloon’s valve into the heating chamber of the Volcano for easy filling.

One bowl gets you about 3 to 4 bags. And each bag holds loads of vapor.

An advanced diaphragm pump fills balloon bags fast. Most desktop vaporizers use whip tubing, which doesn’t allow you to vape away from the device. Balloon bags add a level of portability.

Volcano delivers some of the best vapor quality out there. Lab studies have found that 95% of the vapor created consists of cannabinoids. Compare that to smoke, 88% of which is made up of harmful toxins. It’s a night and day comparison, which is why Volcano has loomed large as one of the best desktop vaporizers since its release almost two decades ago.

The Volcano Classic has an old school feel with analog controls. If you're looking for something a tad more modern, check out the newer version, Volcano Digital.

Volcano Digital - $599.00

A modern take on the classic Volcano desktop vaporizer.


  • LED Temperature Display
  • Precision Temperature (104F–446F)
  • Extremely Pure Vapor
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • German Engineering
  • Balloon Bag System w/Included Easy Valve Starter Kit
  • Food-Safe Aluminum Heating Block
  • Automatic Shut Off Feature

Volcano Digital is much like the Classic version but with an LED display screen and control buttons that light up. It shows the chosen temperature as well as the current temperature, so you know when the device has finished heating up.

The Digital also features a larger temperature range, starting off at 104F instead of 266F so you can explore lower temperatures with more flavor and smoothness.

Like many of the best desktop vaporizers, the Volcano Digital features precision temperature. You can toggle temperature using the “+” and “-” buttons. This is a little easier than the analog dial knob of the classic Volcano.

Precision temperature allows you to zero in on the best heating style, which gives you plenty of room for exploration. You can choose the temperature that’s best for your favorite clouds, cannabinoids, and more.

(Choose any temperature between 104F and 446F with a bright and clear LED screen.)

Both the Digital and Classic Volcano are identical on the inside. They feature the same heating elements and vapor quality. The valve systems are also the same, utilizing a balloon bag system that allows you to carry vapor around.

So what’s the big difference?

The main distinction between the Digital and Classic is ease of use. The Digital wins thanks to its LED screen, temperature control buttons, and larger temperature range. For those reasons, it’s a little more expensive.

If you have money to spend, it’s worth it to splurge on the Digital, one of the best desktop vaporizers of the past two decades. But if you’re on a budget, the Classic has the same level of vapor quality, it’s just a little less easy to use.

Arizer Extreme Q - $169.99

The best desktop vaporizer under $200.


  • Precision Temperature
  • Triple Heat Sensors
  • LCD Screen
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Multiple Fan Speeds
  • Remote Control
  • Balloon Bag or Whip Tube Function

The Canadian-made Arizer Extreme Q embraces the desktop vaporizer’s role as a home device with the first ever remote control heating system.

You can chill out on the couch, choose a temp and wait until the unit is ready before sitting down and getting started. You can set up your vaping sessions from anywhere around the house. The whole experience feels freeing.

Despite it's cheaper price, Extreme Q is one of the best desktop vaporizers for controlling almost every aspect of your vaping. There are multiple fan settings along with precision temperature control. You can play with different temperature and fan speed combinations, which you can’t say about every desktop vape, much less one that's under $170.

(Remotely control your vape sessions.)

Arizer also equipped this powerhouse tabletop vaporizer with dual functionality when it comes to inhaling. You can choose between balloon bag or whip attachment. Balloon bags are more portable, and let the vapor cool off more, while the silicone whip tube delivers a straight blast of fresh vapor.

The Extreme Q boasts impressive vapor quality thanks to its all-glass chamber. They tried to use glass wherever they could, and the flavor and potency truly benefits from it. A ceramic heating element also delivers purer clouds. Convection heating activates all the key compounds you're looking for, leaving little to want from each cloud.

The Extreme Q offers the functionality you’d expect from higher end desktop vaporizers but at a reasonable price. It currently has 4.86 stars out of 5 from over 130 of our customers who reviewed it, which says something about its quality. A lifetime warranty seals the deal.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer - $119.99

A wallet-friendly option with surprisingly smooth vapor.


  • LCD Screen
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Triple Heat Sensors
  • Ceramic Heat Element
  • Mini Whip w/Glass Elbow Adapter
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 Minute Heat Up
  • Midnight Chrome Finish

The V-Tower is the more affordable little brother to the Extreme Q. It doesn't have multiple fan modes, a remote control or balloon bags, but it does the basics well, making it one of the best desktop vaporizers at around $100.

The vapor quality is surprisingly good for a cheap tabletop vape. That's thanks to the vapor path. Arizer made sure to include their signature vertical glass-on-glass chamber, coupled with a ceramic heating element that delivers pure vapor.

The V-Tower is a convection unit, meaning it blasts herb with hot air, covering every bit of surface area. More compounds will be activated for better flavor, aroma, and effects all around.

V-Tower has impressive build quality with a stainless steel housing. The internal semiconductors are well-built, as are the glass and ceramic components, if vapor quality is anything to go by.

(Adjust temperature, session length, audio, and more.)

The defect rates of this Canadian-made device are lower than 3%, an impressive distinction in comparison with some of the vapes that come out of China.

Don't let the affordable price tag scare you off. This isn't a cheap piece of junk. It's about the best desktop vaporizer in its price range.

You can choose a precise temperature between 122F and 500F, one of the widest ranges of all desktop vaporizers. You can enjoy smaller, flavor-rich hits, larger clouds, or anything in-between.

Triple heat sensors guarantee that the temperature on the display correctly reflects the temperature of the heating element.

In a nutshell, the Arizer V-Tower is a low-cost option that behaves more or less like a more expensive unit. Not the best desktop vaporizer of all time, but certainly one of the few you can call affordable and reliable.